Menehunes MC, California
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Menehunes MC

The Menehunes Motorcycle Club is based on keeping the Hawaiian traditions. Menehunes of Hawaii were known to be the indigenous people of the islands, who were strong enough to conquer mighty feats, night dwellers and short in stature, which resembles a lot of our members. Even though not all members are islanders, we value the Hawaiian culture and traditions. We, as a club, have created and maintained the comradery, ohana style atmosphere and brotherhood within our members. When you see a Menehunes MC member throw up a Shaka sign and say "howz it".

Motorcycle Clubs Are Not Street Gangs

RECENT MEMBER PHOTOS - view all photos

Hawaiian May Day Festival 2016, Pleasanton CA Hawaiian May Day Festival 2016, Pleasanton CA 5-Year Aniversary ride to Half-Moon Bay Congrats to Diablo on getting your patches!

RECENT BIKE PHOTOS - view all photos

Menehunes bikes parked at the Che'lu Defense fundraiser Couple of Menehune boys out riding The boys came through to visit brother Jerald Half Moon Bay, CA. On the way to Santa Cruz. May, 2014.

RECENT VIDEOS - view all videos

New Year's Day 2014 ride with the Menehunes Motorcycle Club Islander Motorcycle Club Ride with Pride! Conquering the Road
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